INTEC Supply was established in Feb., 1998, as a trading & local distributing company of industrial &
  commercial high-technology products.  

  The main products are "Adhesives & Sealants, Industrial Safe Cleaning Solutions & Disinfectants,
  In-Line/Stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Soldering Devices & Measurements, Water Quality
  Measurements, Solid Surface Energy Measurements Ink/Pen, Wafer RTP/RTA/RTO, Vacuum Oven,
  Desktop & Remote Plasma Cleaner, Plasma Sources, Oil Removal, Recycling System, Spring Contact
  Angle Gauge(Meter), Bio-Lab products(micropipets, centrifuges, magnetic stirrer, microscope, water
  purifier, autoclave, glassware washer, etc.).

  We, INTEC Supply, would do our best to serve our customers on behalf of our overseas'(Asian countries,
  Germany, Italy, USA) & domestic suppliers !





  CONTACT : Tel) 82-02-4878782  /  Fax) 82-02-4878784

  ADD. : 24, Yangjae-daero 97-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (P: 05375)

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