INTEC Supply was established in Feb., 1998, as a trading & local distributing company of industrial
  & commercial high-technology products.  

  The main products are "Adhesives & Sealants, Industrial Safe Cleaning Detergents & Safe Solvents,
  In-Line/Stand-alone Ultrasonic Cleaning System, Soldering Devices, Desktop Robot & Measurements,
  Titration Kits, Solid Surface Energy Measuring Ink/Pen, Wafer RTP/RTA/RTO, Vacuum Soldering Oven,
  Desktop & Remote Plasma Cleaner, Oil Skimmers, Oil Removal, Recycling System, Contact Angle
  Gauge(Meter), Bio-Lab products(micropipets, centrifuges, magnetic stirrer, microscope, etc.).

  We, INTEC Supply, would do our best to serve our customers on behalf of our overseas'
  (China, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA) & domestic suppliers !





  CONTACT : Tel) 82-02-4878782  /  Fax) 82-02-4878784

  ADD. : 24, Yangjae-daero 97-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (P: 05375)

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